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We accept takeaway orders of brazilian snacks and sweets for all social occasions. Prices below are for dine-in. Please contact us directly for more information and price list.

Traditional Brazilian party snacks are made with seasoned flour dough with your favorite filling deep fried. 

Individual size (90 gr)

Coxinha (Chicken)- $4.95

Enrolado de Salsicha (sausage roll) - $4.75

Kibe (Brazilian style Kibbeh) - $4.95

Bolinha de Queijo (30gr) (Mozzarella cheese)

$8.95 - 6 pieces

Oven Baked specialty snacks

All oven baked snacks are baked for 20-25 minutes at 350°F 

Cheese Puffs - 50gr

$12.00 - 6 pieces

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